Qiang Jin

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We propose a novel biometric recognition method that identifies the inner knuckle print (IKP). It is robust enough to confront uncontrolled lighting conditions, pose variations and low imaging quality. Such robustness is crucial for its application on portable devices equipped with consumer-level cameras. We achieve this robustness by two means. First, we(More)
We present a fast structure-based ASCII art generation method that accepts arbitrary images (real photograph or hand-drawing) as input. Our method supports not only fixed width fonts, but also the visually more pleasant and computationally more challenging proportional fonts, which allows us to represent challenging images with a variety of structures by(More)
This paper proposes an novel approach to extract the Region of interest (ROI) for palm print and inner knuckle print(IKP) from hand images captured from a digital camera. An new algorithm to detect candidate key points on hand region is described. Using the candidate key points a novel approach to locate the ROI of palm print and inner knuckle print is(More)
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