Qiang-Hua Wang

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A case-control study focusing on the role of single food items was undertaken in the Heilongjiang area, 241 patients with histologically verified stomach cancer and an equal number of controls (with non-neoplastic diseases) matched by age, sex and area of residence being interviewed during a 2-year period. Questions asked covered economic status,(More)
A case-control study was carried out in Harbin city to assess the role of diet in the aetiology of colorectal cancer. A total of 336 incident cases of histologically confirmed colorectal cancer (111 colon cancer and 225 rectal cancer) and an equal number of controls with other non-neoplastic diseases were interviewed in hospital wards. Data concerning the(More)
This study demonstrated the potential of simultaneously recovering cellulosic solid residues (CSR) and producing cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) by strong sulfuric acid hydrolysis to minimize cellulose loss to near zero. A set of slightly milder acid hydrolysis conditions than that considered as "optimal" were used to significantly minimize the degradation of(More)
Radiotherapy is one of the most important treatments for esophageal cancer, but radioresistance remains a major challenge. Previous studies have shown that microRNAs (miRNAs or miRs) are involved in human cancers. miR-124 has been widely reported in various cancers and it is intimately involved in proliferation, cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, migration,(More)
To study the regulation on the biocompatibility of titanium metal surface structure, the interaction between the collagen and the titanium surface structure were studied with titanium surfaces subjected to anodic oxidation and acid-alkali treatment. The cell response on the treated surfaces was studied in vitro experiments of MG63 osteoblasts. The effects(More)
The multipolar plasmon resonance and propagation of Au nanorings with symmetry broken were analyzed by using DDA and FDTD methods. Based on the multipolar plasmon resonance and propagation, we proposed ring-nanosensors with high sensitivities and optical ringnanoantennas with large local field enhancements. We revealed that the refractive index(More)
In a semiconductor quantum dot, the IIx and IIy transitions to the polarization eigenstates, |x> and |y>, naturally form a three-level V-type system. Using low-temperature polarized photoluminescence spectroscopy, we have investigated the exciton dynamics arising under strong laser excitation. We also explicitly solved the density matrix equations for(More)
We demonstrate that tunneling into multiband iron-arsenide superconductors through a wide junction in the transparent limit can provide unambiguous signatures for the symmetry and relative sign nu of the pairing gaps on the Gamma and M Fermi pockets. For antiphase s-wave pairing, Andreev reflections can be thoroughly suppressed by interband destructive(More)
[B12Thr]human insulin and [B12Leu]human insulin were obtained by means of site-directed random mutagenesis. [B12Thr]human insulin retain total biological activity but [B12Leu]human insulin has much lower biological activity. Receptor binding activities of [B12Thr]human insulin and [B12Leu]human insulin are 56% and 3%, respectively, as that of native porcine(More)