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Dynamic evolution and biogenesis of small RNAs during sex reversal
Understanding origin, evolution and functions of small RNA (sRNA) genes has been a great challenge in the past decade. Molecular mechanisms underlying sexual reversal in vertebrates, particularlyExpand
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Size distribution of Platanus acerifolia allergen 3 (Pla a3) in Shanghai ambient size-resolved particles and its allergenic effects
Abstract Pollen allergy has become a major problem for a considerable and steadily increasing percentage of people worldwide. Allergenic protein, which is contained in subpollens, can be releasedExpand
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Autophagy contributes to regulate the ROS levels and PCD progress in TMV-infected tomatoes.
Programmed cell death (PCD) and autophagy are both important means for plants to resist pathogen. It is also the main biological reaction of plant immunity. In previous studies, we found that TMVExpand
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Macroautophagy occurs in distal TMV-uninfected root tip tissue of tomato taking place systemic PCD
Autophagy is an important mechanism for recycling cell materials upon encountering stress conditions. Our previous studies had shown that TMV infection could lead to systemic PCD in the distalExpand
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Loss-of-function of sox3 causes follicle development retardation and reduces fecundity in zebrafish
Folliculogenesis is essential for production of female gametes in vertebrates. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying follicle development, particularly apoptosis regulation in ovary, remainExpand
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Allergenicity of recombinant Humulus japonicus pollen allergen 1 after combined exposure to ozone and nitrogen dioxide.
Ozone (O3) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are thought to play primary roles in aggravating air pollution-induced health problems. However, the effects of joint O3/NO2 on the allergenicity of pollenExpand
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Directed Differentiation of Zebrafish Pluripotent Embryonic Cells to Functional Cardiomyocytes
Summary A cardiomyocyte differentiation in vitro system from zebrafish embryos remains to be established. Here, we have determined pluripotency window of zebrafish embryos by analyzing theirExpand
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Reactive oxygen species triggering systemic programmed cell death process via elevation of nuclear calcium ion level in tomatoes resisting tobacco mosaic virus.
Programmed cell death (PCD) plays a positive role in the systemic response of plants to pathogen resistance. It has been confirmed that local tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infecting tomato leaves canExpand
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Function Identification of the Nucleotides in Key cis-Element of DYSFUNCTIONAL TAPETUM1 (DYT1) Promoter
As a core regulatory gene of the anther development, DYSFUNCTIONAL TAPETUM1 (DYT1) was expressed in tapetum preferentially. Previous study had confirmed that a “CTCC” sequence within DYT1 promoterExpand
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Multi-Robot Fish Path Planning Based on the Modified A* Algorithm
This paper proposes the optimal path planning of robot fish in globally known environment, so as to achieve better coordination between the robot fish by means of improving their path planning. Expand
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