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We consider problems involving groups of data, where each observation within a group is a draw from a mixture model, and where it is desirable to share mixture components between groups. We assume that the number of mixture components is unknown a priori and is to be inferred from the data. In this setting it is natural to consider sets of Dirichlet(More)
Cotton fibers are differentiated epidermal cells originating from the outer integuments of the ovule. To identify genes involved in cotton fiber elongation, we performed subtractive PCR using cDNA prepared from 10 days post anthesis (d.p.a.) wild-type cotton fiber as tester and cDNA from a fuzzless-lintless (fl) mutant as driver. We recovered 280(More)
Introgression lines (ILs) are useful tools for precise mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and the evaluation of gene action or interaction in theoretical studies. A set of 159 ILs carrying variant introgressed segments from Chinese common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.), collected from Dongxiang county, Jiangxi Province, in the background of(More)
Detection of execution anomalies is very important for the maintenance, development, and performance refinement of large scale distributed systems. Execution anomalies include both work flow errors and low performance problems. People often use system logs produced by distributed systems for troubleshooting and problem diagnosis. However, manually(More)
This paper describes a robust glottal source estimation method based on a joint source-filter separation technique. In this method, the Liljencrants–Fant (LF) model, which models the glottal flow derivative, is integrated into a time-varying ARX speech production model. These two models are estimated in a joint optimization procedure, in which a(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about genetic factors that underlie the interrelationships among antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), major depression (MD), alcohol dependence (AD), and marijuana dependence (MJD). We examined the contribution of genetic effects associated with ASPD to the comorbidity of MD and substance use disorders. METHODS The Vietnam(More)
System logs are widely used in various tasks of software system management. It is crucial to avoid logging too little or too much. To achieve so, developers need to make informed decisions on where to log and what to log in their logging practices during development. However, there exists no work on studying such logging practices in industry or helping(More)
BACKGROUND It is widely accepted that disease prevention efforts should consider cultural factors when addressing the needs of diverse populations, yet there is surprisingly little evidence that doing so enhances effectiveness. The Institute of Medicine has called for randomized studies directly comparing approaches that do and do not consider culture. (More)
Transplantation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) can improve cardiac function in treatment of myocardial infarction. The low rate of cell retention and survival within the ischemic tissues makes the application of cell transplantation techniques difficult. In this study, we used a temperature-responsive chitosan hydrogel (as scaffold) combined with ESCs to(More)
Logging is a common programming practice of practical importance to collect system runtime information for postmortem analysis. Strategic logging placement is desired to cover necessary runtime information without incurring unintended consequences (<i>e.g.</i>, performance overhead, trivial logs). However, in current practice, there is a lack of rigorous(More)