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We propose a method for intrinsic image decomposition based on retinex theory and texture analysis. While most previous methods approach this problem by analyzing local gradient properties, our technique additionally identifies distant pixels with the same reflectance through texture analysis, and uses these nonlocal reflectance constraints to significantly(More)
We present a new model, called the dual-microfacet, for those materials such as paper and plastic formed by a thin, transparent slab lying between two surfaces of spatially varying roughness. Light transmission through the slab is represented by a microfacet-based BTDF which tabulates the microfacet's normal distribution (NDF) as a function of surface(More)
Small Heat Shock Proteins (sHSPs) are molecular chaperones that transiently interact with other proteins, thereby assisting with quality control of proper protein folding and/or degradation. They are also recruited to protect cells from a variety of stresses in response to extreme heat, heavy metals, and oxidative-reductive stress. Although ten human sHSPs(More)
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