Qian-sheng Fang

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Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a kind of classical combinatorial optimization problem that is easy to be described but difficult to be solved. It belongs to NP-hard problem and is applied broadly in practice. Thus rapid and effective solving TSP is very important application value in practice. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a kind of heuristic global(More)
In many amount of the building energy simulation programs, the veracity is the most important guideline. This paper elaborates the emendation methods based on the PSO algorithm in building energy simulation module on the basis of EnergyPlus, which makes the emulation results close to the true results. The experiment indicates that this measure not only(More)
Knapsack problem is applied broadly to practice in resource allocation, investment decision-making, storage allocation, loading problem and so on. The paper adopts Handel-C language to program for the simple and improved genetic algorithm that solve knapsack problem. The procedures of the two algorithms are provided in detail in the paper. The improved(More)
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