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PURPOSE We investigated the therapeutic effects and underlying mechanisms of topical doxycycline in a benzalkonium chloride (BAC)-induced mouse dry eye model. METHODS Eye drops containing 0.025%, 0.1% doxycycline or solvent were administered to a BAC-induced dry eye model four times daily. The clinical evaluations, including tear break-up time (BUT),(More)
BACKGROUND Dipsacus asperoides is a traditional Chinese medicinal crop. The root is generally used as a medicine and is frequently prescribed by Chinese doctors for the treatment of back pain, limb paralysis, flutter trauma, tendon injuries, and fractures. With the rapid development of bioinformatics, research has been focused on this species at the gene or(More)
A DP curve is a new kind of parametric curve defined by Delgado and Peña (2003); it has very good properties when used in both geometry and algebra, i.e., it is shape preserving and has a linear time complexity for evaluation. It overcomes the disadvantage of some generalized Ball curves that are fast for evaluation but cannot preserve shape, and the(More)
Rock burst is one kind of the more serious natural disasters at present in the coal mine security. Practice proves combining the acoustic emission with the geological conditions is an effective scientific method. However in the acoustic emission monitoring the most basic is to locate the acoustic emission source. The establishment of an accurate model of(More)
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