Qian-ling Zhang

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This paper proposed an efficient VLSI architecture for lifting-based Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) recommended by JPEG2000. The architecture included the basic processing element (PE) and the memory control unit (MCU) and the memory modules. The finite precision analysis has been carried out and the data path width was fixed at 20bis. The memory(More)
A series of polypyridyl complexes have been synthesized. All polypyridyl complexes and some of the soluble ligands have been assayed for antitumor activity in vitro against the HL-60 (the human leucocytoma) cells, BEL-7402 (the human liver carcinoma) cells, KB (the human nasopharyngeal carcinoma) cells and HELA (the human adenocarcinoma of cervix) cells.(More)
A novel forward and inverse discrete wavelet transformation VLSI architecture for JPEG2000 is proposed. First of all, the reducing scaling coefficients multiplication algorithm (RSCM) was introduced. Then, starting from transform characteristics, the architecture is presented showing both performance and cost. Our implementation is a new architecture that(More)
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