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—This paper addresses the static analysis of cable-driven robotic manipulators with non-negligible cable mass. An approach to computing the static displacement of a homogeneous elastic cable is presented. The resulting cable-displacement expression is used to solve the inverse kinematics of general cable-driven robotic manipulators. In addition, the(More)
Taxonomies of the Web typically have hundreds of thousands of categories and skewed category distribution over documents. It is not clear whether existing text classification technologies can perform well on and scale up to such large-scale applications. To understand this, we conducted the evaluation of several representative methods (Support Vector(More)
The objective of this work was to investigate the reaction stoichiometry, kinetics, and mechanism for Cr(VI) reduction by hydrogen sulfide in the aqueous phase. Batch experiments with excess [Cr(VI)] over [H2S]T indicated that the molar amount of sulfide required for the reduction of 1 M Cr(VI) was 1.5, suggesting the following stoichiometry: 2CrO4(2-) +(More)
We study the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a PT-symmetric potential. Using a hydrodynamic formulation and connecting the phase gradient to the field amplitude , allows for a reduction of the model to a Duffing or a generalized Duffing equation. This way, we can obtain exact soliton solutions existing in the presence of suitable PT-symmetric(More)