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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am most grateful to Dr. Li, Xigen, my thesis chair, for his excellent guidance as I prepared the thesis. Dr. Li's expertise and advice are invaluable in this explorative study. His insightful opinions about the Internet medium in the field of mass communication are valuable resources for this project. I would also like to acknowledge my(More)
Attainment of a degree is a key predictor of success in the workforce. In the United States, twenty percent (20%) of high school students drop-out before graduation. Individuals who lack workforce readiness skills face a lifetime of lost income, benefits, and job opportunities. The National Educational Technology Plan (NETP), put forth by the United States(More)
This paper shares the authors' experiences in Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) from our respective vantage points as student, educator, researcher, and industry professional. We share a passion for STEM subject matter, and a desire to encourage others to explore it as a way of enriching one's life and society as a whole. In this paper, we(More)
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