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This paper presents a new stochastic model for two dimensional layouts of large size. Two problems are addressed: (i) Under the condition that the number of wires emanating from a block is Poisson distributed, determine the distribution of channel width, thus estimating the average channel width. (ii) Given T tracks for each channel, determine the success(More)
Central limit theorems are obtained for the \perturbation analysis Robbins-Monro single run" (PARMSR) optimization algorithm, with updates either after every L customers or after every busy period, in the context of the optimization of a GI=GI=1 queue. The PARMSR algorithm is a stochastic approximation (SA) method for the optimization of innnite-horizon(More)
This paper investigates geometric stability and L p-stability of discrete-time Markov chains associated with closed and open queueing networks with Markovian routing. By geometric stability (resp. L p-stability) we mean that the chain is re-generative in the Harris-recurrent sense and that the times between the successive regeneration points have a bounded(More)
Central limit theorems are obtained for the PARMSR (perturbation analysis Robbins-Monro single run) algorithm with averaging, updated either after every regenerative cycle or after every xed-length observation period, for one-dependent regenerative processes. These stochastic approximation algorithms with averaging turn out to have identical limiting(More)
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