Qian-Xuan Zhang

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In the present paper a method based on Vis/NIR spectral analysis technology was applied to the nondestructive measurement of plant chlorophyll content. Firstly, the Vis/NIR spectra in the wavelength range from 500 to 900 nm of the plant leaves were acquired from 35 samples by transmittance and reflectance method, and then three different mathematical(More)
Raman spectroscopy technique could satisfy industrial field measurement requirements because of the advantages of rapidity and nondestructiveness. Thus, It has been widely used in a variety of quantitative and qualitative analysis fields. The volume ration of alcohol and water in alcoholic beverages, i. e. the ethanol content, is a key factor in the(More)
Vis/NIR spectroscopy technology is capable of analyzing the content of biochemical parameter in folium rapidly and nondestructively. In the process of spectrum analysis, the variations in path-length between different samples exist, with the random light scattering and leaf thickness perturbations, which influence the precision of quantitative analysis(More)
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