Qian-Qian Du

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In an XX female, one of the two X chromosomes has been inactivated during early embryonic life to achieve a compensation of X-linked gene products between males and females, leaving only one allele of X-linked genes functional. There are some X-linked genes escaping the X-inactivation, i.e., being expressed from both alleles. Escape from X-inactivation(More)
The effect of tamoxifen (Tam) and 5-deoxy-5-fluorouridine (5-DFUR) cotreatment on cytotoxicity was assessed in various cancer-derived cell lines. Each cell line was treated with a range of Tam and 5-DFUR concentrations alone and in combination. The cell lines we examined include MDA-MB-231 (ERalpha-/ERbeta+), T47D (ERalpha+/ERbeta+), and three MCF-7(More)
In the design of peptide inhibitors the huge possible variety of the peptide sequences is of high concern. In collaboration with the fast accumulation of the peptide experimental data and database, a statistical method is suggested for peptide inhibitor design. In the two-level peptide prediction network (2L-QSAR) one level is the physicochemical properties(More)
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