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According to the immunology principles of bionics, a grid root-fault detection system is presented. In this paper event detection sequences are viewed as analogous to peptide. With the principle of positive selection in immunology, the system builds up its event database. And the behavior whose frequency is higher will be analyzed and processed first to(More)
Path compression techniques are efficient on-demand routing optimizing techniques for mobile ad hoc networks. But the existing path compression techniques have some shortages such as blindfold compression and unstable path. It is necessary to achieve the effective tradeoff of compression efficiency and path stability. This paper calculated the dynamic,(More)
Formalized analyzing the situation of grid and the target of fault diagnosis, a new method - FTFD for grid troubleshooting based on fuzzy event is proposed. By introducing situation-detection function, FTFD can characterize complicated fuzzy fault with accurate mathematics conversion, and "abnormal degree" can be defined by the vector of probability with(More)
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