Qian-Ming Lin

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The co-delivery of drug and gene has become the primary strategy in cancer and other disease therapy. To co-deliver hydrophobic drug and functional gene efficiently into tumor cells, a star-shaped copolymer (PP-PLLD-Arg) with a photochemical internalization effect consisting of a porphyrin (PP) core and arginine-functionalized poly(L-lysine) dendron(More)
A star-shaped polymer (PP-PLLD) consisting of a porphyrin (PP) core and poly(L-lysine) dendron arms (PLLD) is synthesized by the click reaction, and its ability to deliver pEGFP is investigated in this paper. It is found that PP-PLLD has a good buffer capacity and can form compact complexes with pEGFP. In vitro assay indicates that PP-PLLD shows(More)
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