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Simple Method of Calculating Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient.
A simple method of calculating log P (partition coefficient in octanol/water) has been developed based on the quantitative structure-log P relationship for 1230 organic molecules having a wideExpand
A Novel Design and Optimization Method of an $LCL$ Filter for a Shunt Active Power Filter
A novel design and optimization method of the LCL filter for SAPF based on graph analysis has been proposed in this paper. Expand
Hybrid Precoder and Combiner Design With Low-Resolution Phase Shifters in mmWave MIMO Systems
We propose an efficient iterative algorithm which successively designs the low-resolution analog precoder and combiner pair for each data stream, aiming at conditionally maximizing the spectral efficiency. Expand
The IEEE 1918.1 “Tactile Internet” Standards Working Group and its Standards
This paper describes the WG, its intentions, and its developing baseline standard and the associated reasoning behind that and touches on a further standard already initiated under its scope: IEEE 1918.1 on Haptic Codecs for the TI. Expand
Dynamic adaptive scheduling for virtual machines
We first demonstrate with parallel benchmarks that virtualization can cause long waiting times for spinlock synchronization in the guest operating system, resulting in performance degradation of parallel programs in the virtualized system. Expand
Prospective safety performance evaluation on construction sites.
This paper presents a systematic Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) based approach for Prospective Safety Performance Evaluation (PSPE) on construction sites, with causal relationships andExpand
Automated Rule Selection for Aspect Extraction in Opinion Mining
Aspect extraction aims to extract fine-grained opinion targets from opinion texts. Expand
Improving Opinion Aspect Extraction Using Semantic Similarity and Aspect Associations
Aspect extraction is a key task of fine-grained opinion mining. Expand
The OptIPortal, a scalable visualization, storage, and computing interface device for the OptiPuter
The OptIPortal is a tiled display that is the visual interface to the OptIPuter, a global-scale computing system tied together by tens of gigabits of networking. Expand
An In-VM Measuring Framework for Increasing Virtual Machine Security in Clouds
A virtual machine monitor (VMM, also called a hpervisor) between the hardware and the OS enables multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on top of a single physical machine. Expand