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Nuclear Envelope Budding Enables Large Ribonucleoprotein Particle Export during Synaptic Wnt Signaling
Localized protein synthesis requires assembly and transport of translationally silenced ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs), some of which are exceptionally large. Where in the cell such large RNPExpand
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Effects of supplemental light quality on growth and phytochemicals of baby leaf lettuce
Abstract Using UV-A, blue (B), green (G), red (R), and far-red (FR) light-emitting diodes (LEDs), we investigated the effects of different supplemental light qualities on phytochemicals and growth ofExpand
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Pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 in Transgenic Mice Expressing Human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2
Summary COVID-19 has spread worldwide since 2019 and is now a severe threat to public health. We previously identified the causative agent as a novel SARS-related coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) thatExpand
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A new myodont rodent is reported from the lower part of the Arshanto Formation in Nuhe-tingboerheof Nei Mongol, which represents one of the earliest and most primitive myodont rodents in Asia. TheExpand
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Nucleation of DNA repair factors by FOXA1 links DNA demethylation to transcriptional pioneering
FOXA1 functions in epigenetic reprogramming and is described as a 'pioneer factor'. However, exactly how FOXA1 achieves these remarkable biological functions is not fully understood. Here we reportExpand
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Exploration of a natural reservoir of flocculating genes from various Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains and improved ethanol fermentation using stable genetically engineered flocculating yeast strains
Abstract Flocculating yeast strains with good fermentation ability are desirable for brewing industry as well as for fuel ethanol production, however, the genetic diversity of the flocculating genesExpand
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Identification of genetic loci involved in diabetes using a rat model of depression
While diabetic patients often present with comorbid depression, the underlying mechanisms linking diabetes and depression are unknown. The Wistar Kyoto (WKY) rat is a well-known animal model ofExpand
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Purification and characterization of four key enzymes from a feather-degrading Bacillus subtilis from the gut of tarantula Chilobrachys guangxiensis
Abstract A feather-degrading bacterium was isolated from the gut of the tarantula Chilobrachys guangxiensis, and was classified as Bacillus subtilis (named Bacillus subtilis CH-1) according to bothExpand
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Styryl‐Based Compounds as Potential in vivo Imaging Agents for β‐Amyloid Plaques
A group of styryl‐based neutral compounds has been synthesized in this study for potential use as in vivo imaging agents for β‐amyloid plaques. Of 56 candidates, 14 compounds were found to labelExpand
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