Qian-Fang Meng

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Upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs) with superior optical and chemical features have been broadly employed for in vivo cancer imaging. Generally, UCNPs are surface modified with ligands for cancer active targeting. However, nanoparticles in biological fluids are known to form a long-lived "protein corona", which covers the targeting ligands on nanoparticle(More)
A microfluidic droplet mixer is developed for rapid detection of Hg(II) ions. Reagent concentration and droplets can be precisely controlled by adjusting the flow rates of different fluid phases. By selecting suitable flow rates of the oil phase, probe phase and sample phase, probe droplets and sample droplets can be matched and merged in pairs and(More)
Upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs), with fascinating optical and chemical features, are a promising new generation of fluorescent probes. Although UCNPs have been widely used in diagnosis and therapy, there is an unmet need for a simple and effective surface engineering method that can produce cancer-targeting UCNPs. Here, we show that by coating particles(More)
Biomimetic cell-membrane-camouflaged particles with desirable features have been widely used for various biomedical applications. However, there are few reports on employing these particles for cancer drug delivery due to the failure of the membrane coatings to be efficiently degraded in the tumor microenvironment which hampers the drug release. In this(More)
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