Qian Candy Tang

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To date, numerous open source projects are hosted on many online repositories, reflecting the popularity of open source projects. While some of these projects are active and thriving, some of them are either languishing or showing no development activities at all. This phenomenon thus begs the important question of what are the influential factors that(More)
This study examines the incentives for content contribution in social media. we propose that exposure and reputation are the major incentives for contributors. Besides, as more and more social media web sites offer advertising-revenue sharing with some of their contributors, shared revenue provides an extra incentive for contributors who have joined(More)
Exposure of laboratory rats to Benzo(a)pyrene (BaP), an environmental contaminant with its high lipophilicify which is widely dispersed in the environment and can easily cross the blood brain barrier presenting in the central nervous system, is associated with impaired learning and memory. The purpose of the research was to examine whether subchronic(More)
To explore the role of protein kinase A (PKA) in regulating tau phosphorylation and spatial memory, we injected forskolin, an activator of PKA, at different concentrations into the rat brains. We found that forskolin at concentrations up to 80 microM enhanced tau phosphorylation and was associated with prominent spatial memory impairment. Higher(More)
As a new network computing technology, Web services help reduce application integration cost and have become the foundation for the next generation of service-oriented architecture. While there is ample research on the technological issues of Web services, little has been done thus far on the business implications of this groundbreaking technology. In this(More)
Alveolar soft part sarcoma (ASPS) is a rare malignant soft tissue tumor, mainly localized in the extremities, occurring principally in adolescents and young adults. ASPS is uncommon in the female genital tract , and only 37 cases have been reported so far, including 9 cases in the uterine corpus and 17 cases in the uterine cervix. We here reported a case of(More)
a Department of Operations and Information Management, The University of Scranton, Scranton, PA 18510, USA b Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-7169, USA c Nielsen Online, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595, USA d Faculty of Management,(More)
Intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD) is a complicated process that involves both cellular apoptosis and senescence. Metformin has been reported to stimulate autophagy, whereas autophagy is shown to protect against apoptosis and senescence. Therefore, we hypothesize that metformin may have therapeutic effect on IDD through autophagy stimulation. The effect(More)