Qi-shang Zhu

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OBJECTIVE To find out whether -308 and -238 locus (G --> A) mutation within the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene (TNF-alpha) promoter region are associated with susceptibility to silicosis in the Han population of southwest China. METHODS Governed by the principles of voluntatiness and cooperation, 75 patients with silicosis and 137 control with(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the healing effect of pneumoconiosis with tetrandrine and massive whole-lung lavage. METHODS Choose 34 confirmed pneumoconiosis patients as drug treatment group and complex treatment group, and 17 tested workers as control group. Collected the content of TGF-beta1 and P III P which in these three investigated groups. RESULTS Drug(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the curative effect of HanFangJiaSu on pneumoconiosis. METHOD 71 patients with silicosis were divided into trial group and control group at random. The treating group (36 patients) was treated 90 days with HanFangJiaSu and The control group (35 patients) was treated 90 days with XiFeiNing. The silicosis with cough,chest complaint,(More)
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