Qi’an Zhang

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The Arabidopsis Ethylene-Insensitive 2 (EIN2) gene was shown to be involved in the regulation of abiotic and biotic stresses, such as ozone stress, high salt, oxidative stress, lead and disease resistances. However, it is unclear whether EIN2 plays a role in mediating the ultraviolet (UV)-B response in Arabidopsis. Here, we show that EIN2 is involved in the(More)
PTEN is a PIP3 phosphatase that antagonizes oncogenic PI3-kinase signalling. Due to its critical role in suppressing the potent signalling pathway, it is one of the most mutated tumour suppressors, especially in brain tumours. It is generally thought that PTEN deficiencies predominantly result from either loss of expression or enzymatic activity. By(More)
Lead (Pb) is a dangerous heavy metal contaminant with high toxicity to plants. However, the regulatory mechanism of plant Pb tolerance is poorly understood. Here, we showed that the PSE1 gene confers Pb tolerance in Arabidopsis. A novel Pb-sensitive mutant pse1-1 (Pb-sensitive1) was isolated by screening T-DNA insertion mutants. PSE1 encodes an unknown(More)
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