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OBJECTIVE Since HFMD was designated as a class C communicable disease in May 2008, 18 months surveillance data have been accumulated to December 2009. This article was to describe the distribution of HFMD for age, sex, area, and time between 2008 and 2009, to reveal the characteristics of the epidemic. METHODS We analyzed weekly reported cases of HFMD(More)
Uncoupling proteins (UCPs) are mitochondrial transporters present in the inner membrane of mitochondria. They belong to the family of anion mitochondrial carriers. UCPs could act as proton carriers activated by metabolites and create a shunt between complexes of the respiratory chain and ATP synthase. The increased leakiness of the mitochondrial inner(More)
CONTEXT Studies with positive results are more likely to be published than studies with negative results (publication bias). One reason this occurs is that authors are less likely to submit manuscripts reporting negative results to journals. There is no evidence that publication bias occurs once manuscripts have been submitted to a medical journal. We(More)
This paper considers a multi-pair massive multipleinput multiple-output (MIMO) two-way relay network, in which multiple pairs of users are served by a relay station with a large number of antennas which uses maximum ratio combining/maximum ratio transmission (MRC/MRT) and a fixed amplification factor for reception/transmission. First, the users’ ergodic(More)
Face perception is crucial to survival among social primates. It has been suggested that a group of extrastriate cortical regions responding more strongly to faces than to nonface objects is critical for face processing in primates. It is generally assumed that these regions are not retinotopically organized, as with human face-processing areas, showing(More)
Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) has generated a surge of enthusiasm among researchers by virtue of its challenge to the dogma and potential benefits. However, no data is available in the medical literature about NOTES' acceptance by patients in Asia. The aim of the study is to survey patients’ perceptions and attitudes towards NOTES.(More)
IMPORTANCE Policy makers and practitioners need rigorous evaluations of state-based Medicaid enhanced prenatal care programs that provide home visiting to guide improvements and inform future investments. Effects on adverse birth outcomes are of particular interest. OBJECTIVE To test if participation in the Michigan statewide enhanced prenatal care(More)
BACKGROUND The Michigan Maternal and Infant Health Program (MIHP) is a population-based home-visitation program providing care coordination, referrals, and visits based on a plan of care. MIHP is available to all Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and infants aged ≤1 year in Michigan. PURPOSE To assess the effects of MIHP participation on maternal and(More)
h TODAY, MOST OF the innovation in the automotive domain is in electronics and software. All new features in modern cars—like advanced driver assistance systems—are based on electronics and software rather than on mechanical engineering innovations. A modern high-end car has over 100 million lines of code [1] and it is widely believed that this number will(More)