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A recently developed method to rapidly quantify the elemental composition of bulk organic aerosols (OA) using a high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometer (HR-ToF-AMS) is improved and applied to ambient measurements. Atomic oxygen-to-carbon (O/C) ratios characterize the oxidation state of OA, and O/C from ambient urban OA ranges from 0.2 to(More)
A new technique has been developed to deconvolve and quantify the mass concentrations of hydrocarbon-like and oxygenated organic aerosols (HOA and OOA) using highly time-resolved organic mass spectra obtained with an Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS). This technique involves a series of multivariate linear regressions that use mass-to-charge ratios(More)
[1] An Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) was deployed at the Pittsburgh Environmental Protection Agency Supersite from 7 to 22 September 2002 as part of the Pittsburgh Air Quality Study (PAQS). The main objectives of this deployment were to characterize the concentrations, size distributions, and temporal variations of nonrefractory (NR) chemical(More)
Cloud computing has recently emerged as a new paradigm for hosting and delivering services over the Inter-net. Cloud computing is attractive to business owners as it eliminates the requirement for users to plan ahead for pro-visioning, and allows enterprises to start from the small and increase resources only when there is a rise in service demand. However,(More)
Size-resolved indicators of aerosol acidity, including H+ ion concentrations (H+Aer) and the ratio of stoichiometric neutralization are evaluated in submicrometer aerosols using highly time-resolved aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) data from Pittsburgh. The pH and ionic strength within the aqueous particle phase are also estimated using the Aerosol(More)
Recent field studies have found large discrepancies in the measured vs. modeled SOA mass loadings in both urban and regional polluted atmospheres. The reasons for these large differences are unclear. Here we revisit a case study of SOA formation in Mexico City described by Volka-mer et al. (2006), during a photochemically active period when the impact of(More)
Images contain many levels of important structures and edges. Compared to masses of research to make filters edge preserving, finding scale-aware local operations was seldom addressed in a practical way, al-beit similarly vital in image processing and computer vision. We propose a new framework to filter images with the complete control of detail smoothing(More)
New particle formation and growth events have been observed in several urban areas and are of concern due to their potential negative effects on human health. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the chemistry of ultrafine particles during the growth phase of the frequently observed nucleation events in Pittsburgh (approximately 100 events per(More)
Vesicular secretion of neurotransmitter is essential for neuronal communication. Kiss-and-run is a mode of membrane fusion and retrieval without the full collapse of the vesicle into the plasma membrane and de novo regeneration. The importance of kiss-and-run during efficient neurotransmission has remained in doubt. We developed an approach for loading(More)