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Data fusion is the process of combining data from several sources into a single unified description of a situation. The sensor output value is estimated by some data fusion algorithms. In this paper, functional link artificial neural networks (FLANN) and data fusion technique are combined for removing the ambient temperature disturbance to enhance accuracy(More)
Fiducial marker systems consist of unique patterns mounted in the environment and computer vision algorithms that help automatically find features in digital camera images. They are useful for Augmented Reality (AR), robot navigation, 3D modeling, and other applications. In this paper we introduce an extension of marker-based approaches. For some(More)
In this paper the large-scale rectangular guillotine cutting stock problem was solved by applying the "raising temperature controlled simulated annealing algorithm". The main procedures and methods of the algorithm were given. We analyzed the way to distinguish the local optimization and to determine the bound of the raising temperature. We also discuss how(More)
Reflectance properties of real-world opaque materials can be represented by bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF). Non-parametric BRDF becomes the main aspect nowadays because of its verisimilitude and generality. This paper introduces our BRDF capture equipment and a new compact non-parametric model based on curves for isotropic BRDF. 3D(More)
Cutting stock is concerned with how to saving material, optimize resources in product designing, manufacturing. It is very complicated and difficult in computing theory, but it has got the extensive application in the actual manufacture. In allusion to the actual characteristics of the genetic algorithm which is applied in the problem of the optimization in(More)
Lumber moisture content (LMC) is a key parameter for regulating and controlling wood drying process. With detailed study, authors found that the precision of LMC is influenced by many nonlinear factors such as noises, intercross-sensitivity existing among multiple environmental factors, and the electric characteristic of ionic groups changing with the(More)
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