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Redundant collagen deposition at sites of healing dermal wounds results in hypertrophic scars. Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) exhibit promise in a variety of anti-fibrosis applications by attenuating collagen deposition. The objective of this study was to explore the influence of an intralesional injection of ADSCs on hypertrophic scar formation by(More)
Context-aware application should behave suitably according to the changing context of the pervasive computing environment. Several programming paradigms and languages have been proposed to facilitate development of context-aware application, but they are either lack of sufficient flexibility or somewhat complex to program. A table-driven programming(More)
There is an implied assumption for keywords in the traditional Information Retrieval (IR) models: keywords are parallel to each other. In fact, there are some relations between terms in quite a few queries, and in these queries, perhaps one term is subordinate to another term according to the inner meanings of information needs. This is “Higher-order(More)
The lack of remote data access control capability and the loss of remote data access trail make data owners hesitate when they have to outsource their sensitive data to remote third party platform. The data owners have no choice but to trust the remote third party software before they ship their data to the remote environment. In this paper we propose a new(More)
According to the characteristics of the operational behavior and runtime state of application sever, the resource consumption time series are observed and modeled by fuzzy wavelet network (FWN) with fuzzy logic inference and learning capability. The objective is to model the extracted data series of systematic performance parameters to predict software(More)
Software aging is a severe test on the reliability of the software. In this paper, we present a method of nonlinear autoregressive models with exogenous inputs to detect the aging phenomenon of the software system. This method considered the relationship between multivariable and the influence of the delay of historical data. The experimental analysis shows(More)
The context-aware application’s main feature is that the program can adjust its behavior according to the context environment. In the traditional object-oriented model, behaviors related to the context may be separated through branching statement, thus greatly reducing the degree of adaptation to environmental changes. This paper, after analyzing the issue(More)