Qi Xiao-hong

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Based on the compare of two steam feed-water systems of unit 1 and unit 2 in YaoMeng Power Plant, two different Benson once-through boiler feed-water control schemes are designed in this paper, and the state feedback control based on the incremental mode state observer is adopted in both feed-water control schemes. Engineering practice shows that adopting(More)
Even if the transfer function G(s) of a control system is given, but the practical observer should be designed according to G<sub>1</sub>(s) that is a equivalent form of the G(s) because of some uncertain reason. Based on the algebra equivalent concept of linear system theory, the mathematical definitions of three types of algebra observer are presented,(More)
Based on the excellence of mechanism mathematical model and system identification model, this paper established a mixed model of boiler-turbine coordinated control system (CCS), which combines mechanism analysis and parameter identification. To configure the model into a distributed control system (DCS) of the unit generator, by comparing the model(More)
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