Qi-Wen Zhu

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Boreal forest and tundra are the major ecosystems in the northern high latitudes in which a large amount of carbon is stored. These ecosystems are nitrogen-limited due to slow mineralization rate of the soil organic nitrogen. Recently, abundant field studies have found that organic nitrogen is another important nitrogen supply for boreal forest and tundra(More)
The structural and physical properties of conducting amorphous Zn-doped SnO2 (a-ZTO) films, prepared by pulsed laser deposition, were investigated as functions of oxygen deposition pressure (pO2), composition, and thermal annealing. X-ray scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements reveal that at higher pO2, the a-ZTO films are highly(More)
Polarization-dependent X-ray absorption measurements reveal the existence of structural anisotropy in amorphous (a-) SnO2 film. The anisotropy is readily seen for the second neighbor interaction whose magnitude differs along three measured directions. The differences can be well accounted for by 10%–20% variation in the Debye-Waller factor. Instead of a(More)
The structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Cun+1 and CunV (n = 1-12) clusters have been investigated by using density functional theory. The growth behaviors reveal that V atom in low-energy CunV isomer favors the most highly coordinated position and changes the geometry of the three-dimensional host clusters. The vibrational spectra are(More)
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