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Because of DNA appealing features as perfect material, including minuscule size, defined structural repeat and rigidity, programmable DNA-mediated processing is a promising computing paradigm, which employs DNAs as information storing and processing substrates to tackle the computational problems. The massive parallelism of DNA hybridization exhibits(More)
Sodium fluoride (NaF) is associated with embryonic and fetal development abnormalities, but the mechanism by which this occurs is unclear. DNA methylation, an important epigenetic reprogramming mechanism, is essential for normal embryonic development. Thus, we investigated the effect of NaF on DNA methylation in early mouse embryos, as well as mouse sperm(More)
The Parrondo's paradox is a counterintuitive phenomenon where individually-losing strategies can be combined in producing a winning expectation. In this paper, the issues surrounding the Parrondo's paradox are investigated. The focus is lying on testifying whether the same paradoxical effect can be reproduced by using a simple capital dependent game. The(More)
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