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We have undertaken a genome-wide analysis of rare copy-number variation (CNV) in 1124 autism spectrum disorder (ASD) families, each comprised of a single proband, unaffected parents, and, in most kindreds, an unaffected sibling. We find significant association of ASD with de novo duplications of 7q11.23, where the reciprocal deletion causes Williams-Beuren(More)
Activating B-RAF(V600E) (also known as BRAF) kinase mutations occur in ∼7% of human malignancies and ∼60% of melanomas. Early clinical experience with a novel class I RAF-selective inhibitor, PLX4032, demonstrated an unprecedented 80% anti-tumour response rate among patients with B-RAF(V600E)-positive melanomas, but acquired drug resistance frequently(More)
Although it has long been posited that sensory adaptation serves to enhance information flow in sensory pathways, the neural basis remains elusive. Simultaneous single-unit recordings in the thalamus and cortex in anesthetized rats showed that adaptation differentially influenced thalamus and cortex in a manner that fundamentally changed the nature of(More)
  • Q Wang
  • 2001
American and Chinese college students (N = 256) reported their earliest childhood memory on a memory questionnaire and provided self-descriptions on a shortened 20 Statements Test (M. H. Kuhn & T. S. McPartland, 1954). The average age at earliest memory of Americans was almost 6 months earlier than that of Chinese. Americans reported lengthy, specific,(More)
To explore the basis of metastasis, we compared the human breast cancer lines MCF-7 and MDA-MB453, which have low invasive ability, with their sublines MCF7-I4 and MDA-MB453-I4 with high invasive ability for gene expression and signaling pathways. We previously showed that the I4 lines had dramatically elevated levels of Twist compared with their parental(More)
Privacy is becoming an increasingly important issue in many data mining applications. This has triggered the development of many privacy-preserving data mining techniques. A large fraction of them use randomized data distortion techniques to mask the data for preserving the privacy of sensitive data. This methodology attempts to hide the sensitive data by(More)
The relations of maternal reminiscing style and child self-concept to children's shared and independent autobiographical memories were examined in a sample of 189 three-year-olds and their mothers from Chinese families in China, first-generation Chinese immigrant families in the United States, and European American families. Mothers shared memories with(More)
Since young English-speaking children use null subjects systematically, it has been proposed that they begin with the initial parameter setting allowing null arguments (NAs), and must change this setting on the basis of linguistic evidence that adult English prohibits NAs. A recent proposal suggests that the licensing and identification ofNAs used by(More)