Qi Rong Huang

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OBJECTIVES Obstructive sleep apnea often results in a wide range of comorbid conditions. Although some conditions have been clearly identified as comorbid, a full clinical pattern of associated diseases has not been systematically documented. This research aimed to reveal the full pattern of comorbid conditions associated with OSA by employing a data mining(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Alcohol- and other drug-use disorders have been found to be associated with mental disorders, however, complete characteristics of these comorbid mental disorders are not completely clear in early population based studies. This study aimed to explore the extent and profiles of comorbid mental disorders with alcohol- and other drug-use(More)
The rapid emergence of programmes in health informatics, medical informatics and biomedical informatics implies a need for core curricula in these diverse disciplines. This study investigated the recommended competencies for health and medical informatics, aiming to develop a framework for use in curricular development. Current health and medical programmes(More)
Alcohol is one of the most commonly used legal psychoactive substances, and its use often coexists with mental health disorders. This study explores the relationships between alcohol use and some common mental health disorders. Admissions to all New South Wales (NSW) hospitals were analyzed. The data were extracted from the NSW Department of Health(More)
Interleukin 12 (IL-12) production is believed to be impaired in individuals with HIV infection and this impairment manifests early in disease, when the CD4(+) cell counts are within normal values. The reduced antigen-specific and mitogen-stimulated T cell-proliferative responses that occur in HIV infection can be corrected by the addition of recombinant(More)
BACKGROUND The internet has become a powerful tool to disseminate health information and there are millions of people accessing this free information for a second medical opinion. Consumers seeking information from this resource are more responsible for their own health. However, the quality of health information on the internet varies and there is no(More)
BACKGROUND With rapid advances in genetics and increased public awareness of genetic testing for many hereditary diseases, the demand for genetic services may increase. We wondered how developments in genetics have impacted on general practice and the position general practitioners have taken in practising the new genetics. METHOD A qualitative study(More)
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