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In this paper, we study a large sample of 507 privatization offerings from 39 countries over the period 1979-1996. Our objectives are twofold. First, we document the extent of short-run underpricing of these privatization offerings and measure their variation across countries, industries, and years, as well as drawing comparisons to private company IPOs.(More)
The rapid emergence of programmes in health informatics, medical informatics and biomedical informatics implies a need for core curricula in these diverse disciplines. This study investigated the recommended competencies for health and medical informatics, aiming to develop a framework for use in curricular development. Current health and medical programmes(More)
This study explores the technological innovation efficiency of three regions in China with meta-frontier in consideration of regional heterogeneity. The results reveal that the overall technological innovation efficiency is low in China, which has much space to improve. In addition, three regions under group frontier and meta-frontier present different(More)
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