Qi-Qi Zhao

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In this study, the effects of siderophores produced by six bacteria on mycelium growth, Cd and Pb accumulation, lipid peroxidation, protein content and antioxidant enzyme in Oudemansiella radicata were investigated in Cd and Pb-containing liquid medium. The results showed that inoculation with siderophore-containing filtrates (SCF) partly enhanced the(More)
A series of novel 2-cyanoacrylates containing different aromatic rings were synthesized, and their structures were characterized by (1)H NMR, elemental analysis, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Their herbicidal activities against four weeds and inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport against isolated chloroplasts (the Hill reaction)(More)
In the last two decades, many studies have focused on the muscles and dense connective tissues located in the suboccipital region. Our study investigated the existence of the second terminations originating from the suboccipital muscles, and the relationship between the variable types of the To Be Named Ligament (TBNL). Anatomical dissection was performed(More)
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