Qi-Nan Wu

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A minor class of metazoan introns has well-conserved splice sites with 5'-AU-AC-3' boundaries, compared to the 5'-GU-AG-3' boundaries and degenerate splice sites of conventional introns. Splicing of the AT-AC intron 2 of a sodium channel (SCN4A) precursor messenger RNA in vitro did not require inhibition of conventional splicing and required adenosine(More)
A rare class of introns in higher eukaryotes is processed by the recently discovered AT-AC spliceosome. AT-AC introns are processed inefficiently in vitro, but the reaction is stimulated by exon-definition interactions involving binding of U1 snRNP to the 5' splice site of the downstream conventional intron. We report that purine-rich exonic splicing(More)
Telomerase catalyzes telomeric DNA synthesis, an essential process to maintain the length of telomere for continuous cell proliferation and genomic stability. Telomerase is activated in gametes, stem cells, and most tumor cells, and its activity is tightly controlled by a catalytic human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) subunit and a collection of(More)
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