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The progress of the studies on the orientation of galaxies in the Local Supercluster (LSC) is reviewed and a summary of recent results is given. Following a brief introduction of the LSC, we describe the results of early studies based on two-dimensional analysis, which were mostly not conclusive. We describe next the three-dimensional analysis, which is(More)
Context. Anti-proton and positron Galactic cosmic ray spectra are among the key targets for indirect detection of dark matter. The boost factors, corresponding to an enhancement of the signal, and linked to the clumpiness properties of the dark matter distribution, have been taken as high as thousands in the past. The dramatic impact of these boost factors(More)
In order to investigate the spatial orientation of the spin vectors of galaxies in the Virgo cluster, we carried out a detailed identiication of all the certain and possible member disk galaxies with four UK Schmidt Telescope (UKST) IIIa-j direct plates digitized by the Automated Plate Measuring System (APM). As a result, a relatively large and complete(More)
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