Qi Lun Zheng

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It is well known that the ability of the immature rodent fetal beta cell to release insulin in response to a glucose challenge can be enhanced by chronic exposure to a high concentration of glucose in vitro. It might be thought that the human fetal beta cell would mature similarly in vitro, because neonates born of diabetic mothers release insulin in a more(More)
In order to study the relationship between daily consumption of mouldy food and the incidence of oesophageal cancer, we examined the mutagenicity of Alternaria alternata and Penicillium cyclopium, which seriously contaminate grain in Linxian county, China. We first examined extracts of cultured strains of A. alternata. In the reverse mutation test, positive(More)
A health survey was conducted among spraymen exposed to 2.5% deltamethrin EC in the cotton fields. The subjects were exposed to deltamethrin at concentrations of 0.022-24.070 micrograms/m3 in respiratory zone air and of 0.013-0.347 micrograms/cm2 of skin contact. Results showed that one-half of the 44 subjects examined complained of itching and burning(More)
In this paper, we've developed a novel approach to knowledge acquisition based on rough set theory and principal component analysis. A PCA-based quantitative index measures the relative importance of different condition attributes among the state space constructed by all condition attributes. The index strengthens the attribute and attribute-value(More)
Thirty-nine cases of maternal deaths directly caused by incorrect use of oxytocin in Fujian Province from 1986 to 1992 were analysed. The results showed that 90.00% of these deaths occurred in the rural and mountainous areas. The main reason was the ignorance of the birth attendents on the pros and cons of oxytocin administration and therefore the incorrect(More)