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Improving gene set analysis of microarray data by SAM-GS
BackgroundGene-set analysis evaluates the expression of biological pathways, or a priori defined gene sets, rather than that of individual genes, in association with a binary phenotype, and is ofExpand
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HIT: linking herbal active ingredients to targets
  • H. Ye, L. Ye, +9 authors Z. Cao
  • Computer Science, Biology
  • Nucleic Acids Res.
  • 20 November 2010
The information of protein targets and small molecule has been highly valued by biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Several protein target databases are available online for FDA-approved drugs asExpand
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Transfer Learning on Heterogenous Feature Spaces via Spectral Transformation
Labeled examples are often expensive and time-consuming to obtain. One practically important problem is: can the labeled data from other related sources help predict the target task, even if theyExpand
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Constrained Graph Variational Autoencoders for Molecule Design
Graphs are ubiquitous data structures for representing interactions between entities. With an emphasis on the use of graphs to represent chemical molecules, we explore the task of learning toExpand
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Sentence-State LSTM for Text Representation
Bi-directional LSTMs are a powerful tool for text representation. On the other hand, they have been shown to suffer various limitations due to their sequential nature. We investigate an alternativeExpand
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Quaternion Knowledge Graph Embedding
In this work, we move beyond the traditional complex-valued representations, introducing more expressive hypercomplex representations to model entities and relations for knowledge graph embeddings.Expand
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Refined phylogenetic profiles method for predicting protein-protein interactions
MOTIVATION The increasing availability of complete genome sequences provides excellent opportunity for the further development of tools for functional studies in proteomics. Several experimentalExpand
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An improved method to construct basic probability assignment based on the confusion matrix for classification problem
The determination of basic probability assignment (BPA) is a crucial issue in the application of Dempster-Shafer evidence theory. Classification is a process of determining the class label that aExpand
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Feature Distillation: DNN-Oriented JPEG Compression Against Adversarial Examples
Image compression-based approaches for defending against the adversarial-example attacks, which threaten the safety use of deep neural networks (DNN), have been investigated recently. However, priorExpand
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