Qi Liang Zhu

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—Adaptive region growing algorithm in color annual ring image segmentation makes good use of color and spatial information of regions , and combined with the edge information so as to adaptive changes growth conditions ,solves the problem of the regional fault. Compared to the traditional algorithms, the new one combined with watershed algorithm can select(More)
The convergent service delivery of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, cable networks, as well as the Internet has been propounded as the key conception of future network. Although the exciting progresses have been made in service optimization area, the service optimization on Convergent Network (CN)-based Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is still(More)
Inspired by recent advances in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar, this paper introduces a method of synthetic aperture radar imaging utilizing MIMO technique based on the most important characteristic of MIMO system: spatial diversity and multiple transmitters and receivers antenna elements configuration, this method can achieve high resolution of(More)
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