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α-Synuclein plays a key role in the pathological neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease. Although its contribution to normal physiology remains elusive, the selective degeneration of α-synuclein-containing dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson’s disease may be linked to abnormal α-synuclein induced toxicity. In the present study, a complex of α-synuclein and(More)
Chinese rhesus macaques infected with influenza virus A/Tiger/Harbin/01/2002 (H5N1) developed acute interstitial pneumonia with diffuse alveolar damage. The results of virus isolation, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, immunohistochemistry, and in situ hybridization showed that the lung was the major target organ of the H5N1 virus infection.(More)
Distal arthrogryposis (DA) is a group of rare, clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorders primarily characterized by congenital contractures of the limb joints. Recently, mutations in genes encoding the fast-twitch skeletal muscle contractile myofibers complex, including troponin I2 (TNNI2), troponin T3 (TNNT3), tropomyosine 2 (TPM2), and embryonic(More)
Automatic patent classification is of great practical value for saving a lot of resources and manpower. As real patent classification tasks are often very-large scale and serious imbalanced such as patent classification , using traditional pattern classification techniques has shown inefficient and ineffective. In this paper, an adaptive ensemble learning(More)
Laboratory animal science (LAS) advances scientific understanding of the care and use of animals that play a key role in research supporting the development of biomedicine. LAS has developed quickly in China in recent decades, and this report provides an analysis of the current status of the countrys LAS policies and administration. National and provincial(More)
AIM To study the anti-neoplastic effect of Haimiding and its mechanisms of action. METHODS Experiments using MTT and colony formation were carried out to study the in vitro anti-neoplastic action of Haimiding, its in vivo anti-neoplastic action was studied by observing its effect on the weight of tumors in FC mice and S(180), H(22) tumor bearing mice, as(More)
Previous studies have found that ultrasound backscatter from blood in vascular flow systems varies under pulsatile flow, with the maximum values occurring during the systolic period. This phenomenon is of particular interest in hemorheology because it is contrary to the well-known fact that red blood cell (RBC) aggregation, which determines the intensity of(More)
  • Qi Kong, Xin Ma
  • 2015
In recent years, the correlation between aortic atheroma (AA) and the occurrence and recurrence of ischemic cerebrovascular disease (ICVD) has attracted much attention, but the contributory mechanisms remain controversial. This review analyzes related research on the roles of AA in ICVD, and demonstrates the correlation between the formation and development(More)
OBJECTIVE Herb combination has been very popular in traditional medical prescriptions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Persistent efforts and attempts have been made to dissect the action mode of TCM in recent years, which has provided certain evidence for inter-herbal interactions. However, the interactions among different components in a single(More)