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The induction of pluripotency or trans-differentiation of one cell type to another can be accomplished with cell-lineage-specific transcription factors. Here, we report that repression of a single RNA binding polypyrimidine-tract-binding (PTB) protein, which occurs during normal brain development via the action of miR-124, is sufficient to induce(More)
Group I Intron Sequence and Structure Database (GISSD) is a specialized and comprehensive database for group I introns, focusing on the integration of useful group I intron information from available databases and providing de novo data that is essential for understanding these introns at a systematic level. This database presents 1789 complete intron(More)
Self-splicing of group I introns is accomplished by two sequential ester-transfer reactions mediated by sequential binding of two different guanosine ligands, but it is yet unclear how the binding is coordinated at a single G-binding site. Using a three-piece trans-splicing system derived from the Candida intron, we studied the effect of the prior GTP(More)
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