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Hidden Markov Support Vector Machines is a novel structural SVMs model. Its efficiency has been proved in label sequence learning task such as English text chunking. In this paper, we treat Chinese chunk recognition as a label sequence learning problem. After giving the definition of Chinese chunk, we apply HMSVM to solve Chinese chunk problem. The results(More)
The four-colors problem was formally brought up more than one hundred years ago. K. Apel and W. Haken of Illinois University had proved the question with computer. This proof made widely controversy, however the problem of “non-computer” proof is still suspend. This paper informed a sufficient condition of 4_chromatic planar graph and proved(More)
The characteristics of the course group's building is that it breaks the repeatability which exists in the software basic courses in the classical teaching plans of computer science and technology, emphasis the basic knowledge of the student, which can broad the range of specialty and train the self-learning ability of the student without arranging the(More)
Bioinformatics is science, which takes the computer as a tool for biological information storage, retrieval and analysis. Human Genome Project of start-up and implementation makes the biological data growth rapidly, how to obtain valid data from the mass of information is a problem which bioinformatics urgent to solve. Data mining technology used to analyze(More)
It is important to recognize the base-NP in the field of natural language processing. At first, the paper defines Chinese base-NP from the linguistic standpoint, then a sequence labeling model and the formulation of the learning problem are introduced for Chinese base-NP problem. At last, Hidden Markov Support Vector Machines is introduced to solve the(More)
After analyzing many typical association rule mining algorithms, a new algorithm, named as BOFP-V, is proposed for frequent item set mining. FP-V vectors are introduced in order to convert that of frequent item set mining to the course of the vectors operating. The existing Apriori algorithm produces a lot of candidacy sets and needs scanning database many(More)
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