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We made genome-wide analyses to explore the evolutionary process of the SBP-box gene family. We identified 120 SBP-box genes from nine species representing the main green plant lineages: green alga, moss, lycophyte, gymnosperm and angiosperm. A maximum-likelihood phylogenetic tree was constructed using the protein sequences of the DNA-binding domain of(More)
To study how changes in gene regulation shape phenotypic variations in rice, we performed a comparative analysis of genome expression in the heading-stage panicle from six lineages of cultivated and wild rice, including Oryza sativa subsp. indica, japonica and javanica, O. nivara , O. rufipogon and O. glaberrima. While nearly three-quarters of the genes are(More)
This paper considers error propagation in three dimensional geometric constructions using a geometric approach. First, we present definitions and constructions of tolerance zones for various fundamental elements in Euclidean space. Then, we study in detail the propagation of errors during several geometric computations, including the the distance between(More)
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