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Nowadays IMC-PID is widely used in industrial field, but time delay problem is an unavoidable problem existing in IMC-PID design. First order Pade approximation, second order symmetric Pade approximation and second asymmetric Pade approximation are usually adopted to approximate time delay item, but these three approximation methods may bring zero-points to(More)
Matlab has big and powerful functions to scientific calculation. The Matlab applications that use the capabilities of the World Wide Web to send data to Matlab for computation and to display the results in a Web browser were studied by using Matlab Web Server. A real physical experiment data treatment system adopted Browser/Server networking technique based(More)
Continuous functionality of critical infrastructure systems is essential to support the social and economic organization of productive sectors within a country. Electric power, potable water, telecommunications, natural gas, and transportation are examples of these critical systems, whose nature makes them suitable for network analysis. This study presents(More)
With the increase in the types of products, more and more companies intend to manage the warehouse relying on WMS. However, the price is much higher because of the complexity, expensiveness and operation difficulty of the WMS on the market. This paper develops a WMS for small businesses. Moreover, the software achieves the target of managing storage,(More)