Qi-Cheng Qiao

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The neuropeptides orexin-A and orexin-B are produced by one group of neurons located in the lateral hypothalamic/perifornical area. However, the orexins are widely released in entire brain including various central motor control structures. Especially, the loss of orexins has been demonstrated to associate with several motor deficits. Here, we first(More)
The central noradrenergic system participates in diverse nervous functions. Nevertheless, our knowledge of the action of adrenoceptors in motor regulation is still lacking. Intriguingly, reticulospinal neurons in the caudal pontine reticular nucleus (PnC) receive fairly dense noradrenergic innervation and play an important role in motor control. Here, after(More)
Previous studies have revealed that orexin may actively participate in central motor control. The gigantocellular reticular nucleus (Gi) is a key element of the brainstem motor inhibitory system. The descending orexinergic projections also reach Gi region, and microinjection of orexin into Gi causes robust muscle tone inhibition. However, the modulation(More)
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