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Zero Crossing Digital Phase Locked Loop with Arc Sine block (AS-ZCDPLL) is used to linearize the phase difference detection, and enhance the loop performance. The loop has faster acquisition, less steady state phase error, and wider locking range compared to the conventional ZCDPLL. This work presents a Zero Crossing Digital Phase Locked Loop with Arc Sine(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes interconnected by wireless media. Several protocols have been proposed to manage multiple access to the shared wireless medium in MANETs, with the IEEE 802.11 being the most implemented protocol. In this work, a history-based adaptive backoff (HBAB) MAC protocol is proposed to provide a better(More)
The input frequency limit of the conventional zero-crossing digital phase-locked loop (ZCDPLL) is due to the operating time of the digital circuitry inside the feedback loop. A solution that has been previously suggested is the introduction of a time delay in the feedback path of the loop to allow the digital circuits to complete their sample processing(More)