Qassim Nasir

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Zero Crossing Digital Phase Locked Loop with Arc Sine block (AS-ZCDPLL) is used to linearize the phase difference detection, and enhance the loop performance. The loop has faster acquisition, less steady state phase error, and wider locking range compared to the conventional ZCDPLL. This work presents a Zero Crossing Digital Phase Locked Loop with Arc Sine(More)
Chaotic systems produce pseudo-random sequences with good randomness; therefore, these systems are suitable to efficient image encryption. In this paper, a low complexity image encryption based on Nested Piece Wise Linear Chaotic Map (NPWLCM) is proposed. Bit planes of the grey or color levels are shuffled to increase the encryption complexity. A security(More)
Packet-switched communication of haptic data telepresence systems is characterized by high packet rates on the communication channel. The quality of the internet-based telepresence systems depend on the quality of the communication channel between the operator and the remote site, and the delay jitter in the data exchange. Perceptual based data reduction(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes interconnected by wireless media. Due to the dynamic topology, several routing algorithms have been proposed to forward data packets between the nodes such as proactive and reactive routing protocols. Quality of services (QoS) in MANET became a challenge and a focus of several researchers.(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes interconnected by wireless media. Several protocols have been proposed to manage multiple access to the shared wireless medium in MANETs, with the IEEE 802.11 being the most implemented protocol. In this work, a history-based adaptive backoff (HBAB) MAC protocol is proposed to provide a better(More)
The automatic modulation classification (AMC) is linked to the accurate identification of a received signal modulation. The AMC represents an important part of cognitive radio (CR) systems recently envisioned to be an appropriate platform to adjust against changing work conditions. The two main distinguished streams of AMC are either by using the likelihood(More)