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Cowden syndrome is a multiple hamartoma syndrome with a high risk of breast and thyroid tumours, both benign and malignant. The authors report a 24-year-old female patient who presented with reduced vision in both eyes. Ocular examination showed vitreous haemorrhage secondary to retinal new vessels in both eyes. There was no evidence of diabetes mellitus,(More)
Purpose. To analyze the role of orbital septum and suborbicularis fibroadipose tissue in making and defining upper lid skin crease in children who underwent ptosis surgery. Material and Methods. A retrospective study of 26 eyes of 22 children (age range 04 to 14 years) undergoing surgery over two year period was undertaken with regard to cosmetic outcome. A(More)
Metastasis to the pituitary gland is very uncommon and a first presentation of any systemic tumour through pituitary metastasis is rare. The authors report an 82-year-old Caucasian woman, well-controlled hypertensive and moderate smoker who presented with worsening diplopia. On ocular motility examination she had partial right third nerve paralysis along(More)
—We present Starburst, a routing-based protocol designed to efficiently disseminate data items to small subsets within a sensor network. Starburst constructs a routing hierarchy to enable fast, efficient and reliable dissemination to nodes in a sensor network that satisfy data-specific predicates. The protocol is based on the idea that when only a few nodes(More)
The lacrimal caruncle is a modified cutaneous tissue that contains hair follicles, accessory lacrimal glands, sweat glands, lobules of fat, and sebaceous glands. Due to the nature of tissue, a variety of lesions, both benign and malignant, could arise from this area. Lymphomas of the eye and its adnexa are frequently of B-cell lineage. We would like to(More)
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