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VMware Abstract. A major obstacle to virtualizing HPC workloads is a concern about the performance loss due to virtualization. We will demonstrate that new features significantly enhance the performance and scalabil-ity of virtualized HPC workloads on VMware's virtualization platform. Specifically, we will discuss VMware's ESXi Server performance for(More)
This paper presents high-performance collective communication algorithms and implementations that exploit the unique architectural features of the Cell heterogeneous multicore processor. This paper specifically describes novel algorithms <i>for the barrier, broadcast, reduce, all-reduce</i>, and <i>all-gather</i> collective operations, and shows the(More)
This study was carried out to appraise whether or not the exogenous application of a potential osmoprotectant, proline, could ameliorate the adverse effects of drought stress on maize seed and seed oil composition, as well as oil antioxidant activity. Water stress reduced the kernel sugar, oil, protein and moisture contents and most of the seed macro- and(More)
Water shortage is one of the major environmental constraints that hamper the crop productivity worldwide. The present study was aimed to examine the drought tolerance potential of seven cultivars/lines of Vigna mungo L. depending upon their germination behavior, seedling growth, antioxidative defense mechanism, and nutrient acquisition. An experiment was(More)
Road traffic information has become indispensable for routine vehicular communication but user location privacy an important issue which did not well addressed. An adversary may attack a user by tracking location in routine vehicular communication. Although, continuously changing pseudonyms is a promising solution to attain location privacy in road(More)
In the presence of dynamic classloading, performing interprocedural analysis (IPA) too early can lead to repeatedly performing the IPA as new classes are loaded, while performing it too late will cause a performance degradation by running unoptimized code for too long. This paper investigates how programs load classes and how this affects the performance(More)
This paper presents and validates performance models for a varietyvof high-performance collective communication algorithms for systems with Cell processors. The systems modeled include a single Cell processor, two Cell chips on a Cell Blade, and a cluster of Cell Blades. The models extend PLogP, the well-known point-topoint performance model, by accounting(More)
Plant water status and cellular osmotic adjustments play a key role in the salt tolerance of plants. An experiment was conducted to assess the influence of foliar-applied ascorbic acid (AsA) on the plant water relations, cellular osmotic adjustments, uptake, and accumulation of different ions in the two high yielding maize cultivars (Agaiti-2002 and(More)