Qasim Ali

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This study was carried out to appraise whether or not the exogenous application of a potential osmoprotectant, proline, could ameliorate the adverse effects of drought stress on maize seed and seed oil composition, as well as oil antioxidant activity. Water stress reduced the kernel sugar, oil, protein and moisture contents and most of the seed macro- and(More)
Water shortage is one of the major environmental constraints that hamper the crop productivity worldwide. The present study was aimed to examine the drought tolerance potential of seven cultivars/lines of Vigna mungo L. depending upon their germination behavior, seedling growth, antioxidative defense mechanism, and nutrient acquisition. An experiment was(More)
Brand image and advertisement play a crucial role to boost up any business performance as brand image is an implied tool which can positively change people's buying behaviors and advertisement is behaving as a driving force for any business as it's an effective source to convey your message and stay in customer's mind. The purpose of this study is to(More)
The historical problem of Seven Bridges of Königsberg caused the birth of graph theory. A number of practical problems involving networks may be appropriately represented by the graphs that facilitate problem formulation and analysis process. Communication topology for networks involving a large number of units, like multi-agent system and swarm of(More)
The down regulation of CD3 protein present on the surface of a T-cell triggers the process of activation. A rapid decrease of CD3 from the surface is required to reach the threshold that is necessary for the continuation of the activation process. By flow cytometry technique, it is well established that an amount of down regulated CD3 proteins recycle and(More)
The progression of a cell population where each individual is characterized by the value of an internal variable varying with time (e.g. size, mass, and protein concentration) is typically modelled by a population balance equation, a first-order linear hyperbolic partial differential equation. The characteristics described by internal variables usually vary(More)
Plant water status and cellular osmotic adjustments play a key role in the salt tolerance of plants. An experiment was conducted to assess the influence of foliar-applied ascorbic acid (AsA) on the plant water relations, cellular osmotic adjustments, uptake, and accumulation of different ions in the two high yielding maize cultivars (Agaiti-2002 and(More)
Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (MUAVs) are becoming popular research platform and drawing considerable attention, particularly during the last decade due to their multi-dimensional applications in almost every walk of life. MUAVs range from simple toys found at electronic supermarkets for entertainment purpose to highly sophisticated commercial platforms(More)
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