Qamar Zia

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UNLABELLED In the current study, a novel niosome based formulation of diallyl disulfide (DADS) was evaluated for its potential to treat disseminated candidiasis in mouse model. Among various non-ionic surfactants tested, niosome formulation prepared using Span 80 was found to be most efficient in the entrapment of DADS. The DADS loaded niosomes had size(More)
Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) is found in large quantities in the roots of Curcuma longa. It possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and inhibits chemically-induced carcinogenesis in the skin, forestomach, colon, and liver. Unfortunately, the poor bioavailability and hydrophobicity of curcumin pose a major hurdle to its use as a potent(More)
The effect of mechanical stirring on sol-gel synthesis of thorn-like ZnO nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) and antimicrobial activities is successfully reported in this study. The in-house synthesized nanoparticles were characterized by XRD, SEM, TEM, FTIR, TGA, DSC and UV-visible spectroscopy. The X-Ray Diffraction analysis revealed the wurtzite crystal lattice for(More)
In the present study, we developed a self-assembled biodegradable polyglutamic acid (PGA)-based formulation of amphotericin B (AmB) and evaluated its in vitro antifungal potential against Candida albicans. The AmB-loaded PGA nanoparticles were prepared in-house and had a mean size dimension of around 98±2 nm with a zeta potential of -35.2±7.3 mV.(More)
Doxorubicin (DOX) binding to hemoglobin (Hb) was studied to investigate the drug induced protein dysfunction. The features of anti-tumor drug doxorubicin infused structural perturbation of human Hb were studied by circular dichroism (CD). The mechanism of DOX-Hb binding was elucidated by steady-state and synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy. The(More)
Knowledge is a vital asset for any organization. There are two types of knowledge, tacit and explicit knowledge. Knowledge management has become a serious topic in the last decade. Knowledge management turned into an essential part of the organization due to high importance. The common stages of the knowledge management process are storing main purpose of(More)
Drug-induced photosensitivity of the skin is drawing increasing attention. In past few decades, photosensitivity has been reported with an array of drugs, and is now recognized as a noteworthy medical problem by clinicians, regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industry. The photosensitivity is of two types i.e., phototoxicity and photoallergy.(More)
Background The use of different types of plastics in the world either synthetic or biodegradable has become a part in all sectors of the economy. Infrastructure such as agriculture, building and construction, telecommunication, consumer goods, packaging, health and medical are all high growth areas that ensure a spiralling demand for plastics. Lack of(More)
Amphotericin B (AmB)-deoxycholate micellar formulation, Fungizone®, is the drug of choice for the treatment of unidentified mycotic infections. However, it usage has been marred by long therapeutic regimes and severe side effects. The less toxic lipid associated AmB formulations have been limited by their high expense, with some loss in activity. The quest(More)