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The process includes in hand tagged corpus, tree INTRODUCTION It will be injustice to not talk about Penn Treebank, when we are discussing treebank based PCFG's. This project was originated in 1989 and it contained 4.5 million of words. During first three years, only POS tagging was done automatically and manually, and speed, consistency and accuracy were(More)
This work aims at the development of a representative tree-bank for the South Asian language Urdu. Urdu is a comparatively under resourced language and the development of a reliable treebank for Urdu will have significant impact on the state-of-the-art for Urdu language processing. In URDU.KON-TB treebank described here, a POS tagset, a syntactic tagset and(More)
This paper presents the semi-semantic part of speech annotation and its evaluation via Krip-pendorff's α for the URDU.KON-TB treebank developed for the South Asian language Urdu. The part of speech annotation with the additional subcategories of morphology and semantics provides a treebank with sufficient encoded information. The corpus used is collected(More)
In this paper, the development and evaluation of the Urdu parser is presented along with the comparison of existing resources for the language variants Urdu/Hindi. This parser was given a linguistically rich grammar extracted from a treebank. This context free grammar with sufficient encoded information is comparable with the state of the art parsing(More)
This paper focuses on a very specific aspect of a construction in HindiUrdu involving the verb ho ‘be’. The construction was previously described as displaying a pattern of differential case marking (DCM) in the literature, expressing specific semantic effects. These effects were previously compared to the contrast known as the stage-/individual-level(More)
The objective of this research paper is to bring forth the new challenges faced by Pakistan regarding the Cyber Crime. In this arena of technology, Pakistan is in the danger zone of Cyber Crime. Storm of Cyber Crime is hitting almost every country with new power and challenges. Like whatever other nation of the world, Cyber Crime is on ascend in Pakistan. A(More)