Qais M. Aljfout

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BACKGROUND We have conducted this study to evaluate the effect of antibiotics, whether oral or intravenous, compared to no antibiotic protocol on post-tonsillectomy morbidity. METHODS A total of 270 patients aged 3 - 12 years were included in the study. Patients were assigned into three groups randomly; each group consisted of 90 patients. In the first(More)
Foreign body neglected in the nasal cavity for many years leads to the formation of a rhinolith, which gradually increases in size. Nasal obstruction and persistent foul smelling nasal discharge usually are the main presenting symptoms, although some might be silent. This paper presents and discuss a case of 19-year-old female patient whose main complaint(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the current practice in requesting and performing paranasal sinuses CT scan for patients scheduled for endoscopic sinus surgery, and to describe the current hospitals practice in performing these scans. METHODS This cross-sectional questionnaire study was conducted in the King Hussein Medical Center, Amman, Jordan between April and(More)
Original Article Aspiration Incision Peritonsillar abscess. Objective: To evaluate and compare needle aspiration versus incision and drainage in the management of peritonsillar abscess with regard to clinical outcome. Methods: Retrospective analysis of clinical records of 103 patients admitted with peritonsillar abscess. Medical records abstract form was(More)
  • Qais M. Aljfout, Sura M. Alrawabdeh, Suleiman I. Alzaidaneen, Khaled K. Alkhalaylah, Mohammad K. Shabaneh
  • 2012
Objective: To compare the histopathological characteristics of acquired cholesteatoma in adults, children and recurrent cases. Methods: A retrospective analysis of 60 histopathological specimens for 60 patients aged 9 to 63 years who underwent otologic surgery for chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma was carried out at King Hussein Medical Centre between(More)
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