Qais Al-Gayem

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Electrodes are fundamental to the reliable operation of a new generation of portable bio-analytical instruments based around microsystems technology. The importance of eliminating false positives and false negatives for these instruments is driving work around embedded test, condition monitoring and both diagnostics and prognostics. This paper proposes two(More)
This paper presents a solution for detecting degradation in electrodes that interface to fluidic or biological systems that forms the basis of numerous actuation and sensing mechanisms in the bio-fluidics field. In this solution, a mid-frequency oscillation test strategy is proposed and evaluated experimentally on an array of electrodes. This technique is(More)
There is significant interest in the use of electrodes for sensing or actuation in bio-fluidic microsystems. Within these systems high levels of reliability are crucial and complimented by requirements for extremely low levels of false positive and false negatives. This paper extends previous work on impedance and oscillation based condition monitoring of(More)
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