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OBJECTIVE Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) affects outcome in chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire (IBDQ), a disease-specific HRQOL questionnaire, can define changes in health status in IBD, but simple instruments are needed for daily application. The present study proposed to develop(More)
BACKGROUND Adalimumab is approved for use in patients with moderate to severe Crohn's disease (CD) or ulcerative colitis (UC) who have not achieved disease control with conventional therapies including corticosteroids and/or immunomodulators (IMM). AIM To analyse six studies that examined efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety of combination IMM/adalimumab(More)
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is able to achieve good target conformance with a limited dose to organs at risk (OARs); however, IMRT increases the irradiation volume and monitor units (MUs) required. The present study aimed to evaluate the use of an IMRT plan with fewer segments and MUs, while maintaining quality in the treatment of(More)
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